Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wild Poinsettias

For Christmas, my parents went on a wild poinsettia hunt. Wild poinsettias as you can see are not the same thing as one would buy at the greenhouse. Only a part of the poinsettia leaves are actually red. But, they are still pretty. Hopefully, they can keep them alive for next year so I can see them. Now, you may wonder where one would find such a plant. Well, it might or might not have been on............... Well, if you e-mail me at, and I recognize the address, I may just tell you where they got them from. I would love to tell you, but my editor (Dad) is convinced the Bush's Department of Homeland Fascism will bring down, as he puts it, "The Heat". Anyway, Merry Christmas to all my family and friends and any government employees who might be reading this.

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Anonymous said...

Those are pretty. Do they have the same great smell to them? Hope you had a great x-mas. Do the fireworks really get going there for the new year?

See you, Beth