Saturday, May 3, 2008

Me vs. RAND

For weeks, the internet chatter has been ablaze, but today I discovered it was official, I am under investigation by the RAND cooperation. Apparently, the pictures on my blog are so cute it has lead to a measurable decrease in industrial output nationwide. However, inscrutably according to RAND, pockets of the Midwest have been especially hit including the metro area of St. Louis and the Des Moines-Ames corridor. RAND points to a Troy, MO (a small town near St. Louis) in which productivity has fallen to economically dangerous levels in the morning hours due to this blog. I , however, am not moved by the data no matter how rigorous, quantitative, or non-partisan their analysis appears to be. And, despite the study being incomplete, various economic organizations have already begun to complain about the "Cuteness" cutting into American productivity. In this video, I answer these charges. Enjoy:

The RAND Corporation (Research ANd Development) is a nonprofit global policy think tank first formed to offer research and analysis to the United States Armed Forces. The organization has since expanded to working with other organizations, private foundations, international organizations, and commercial organizations. Reportedly, it is known for rigorous, often-quantitative, and non-partisan analysis and policy recommendations

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