Saturday, April 12, 2008

20 Hours Of Power

On Saipan, the public utility is so good that it can guarantee 20 solid hours of power to each customer every day. Not bad huh! I bet you wish your utility was that good!
But, unfortunately, my mainlander parents just have it thier heads that power should be something that anybody can get 24 hours a day. Yeah right! Anyway, today they dragged me along on their search for a generator. Now, on Saipan, it is really easy to buy a generator, if you need a large diesel generator. Why every junk store on island seems to carry those. But, if your not trying to power a hotel or strip mall, you choices are rather limited. So, they went to the only store the carries generators for normal people, Ace Hardware. Now, the first mistake they made was looking online first. Dumb! That can only lead to disappointment. And, it did! You see the two generators above you. This is about the size my parents need. The one on the left is from Wal-Mart, the other is from Ace Hardware. Now you may be saying to yourself, Karsten, those are exactly the same. Well, you would be wrong. You see the one on the right must be filled with gold or built by vestal virgins because it costs $1597, while the Wal-Mart version costs $579. Now, I think my parents might actually flip out and buy one of the priestess built generators, so if you know of a bright way to ship heavy things internationally, please let us know. I would like some books when I go to college.

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