Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bad Parenting

Since 1964, the Surgeon General's office has required a warning label be posted on packs of cigarettes to warn consumers to the dangers of smoking. Today, I call for a warning sticker to be posted on the foreheads of all idiot parents, just so we babies know. For example, my father is wearing this I luv Pugua shirt. What an idiot! For those of you not familiar with this vial habit, pugua (otherwise known as beetlenut) is a nut, similar to a coconut in may ways, but much smaller (about the size of of a quarter) and no milk. What you do with it is cut it open, fill it with tobacco and lime then roll it in a leaf and chew it. The result being a slight euphoria and an oh so pleasant orange spit that stains anything it touches. For those of you familiar with Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, you might recognize Beetlenut for the song Bloody Mary. For those of you not familiar, press play below:

And my father is pushing this habit. I swear, I am amazed we come from the same genetic material sometimes. Well, at least I got to post a show tune.

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