Thursday, February 28, 2008

Curb Appeal!

Well, I was left at home again while the rents and the grands gallivanted all over the island. This time they went to the Garapan Street Market. From what I can gather, it is where the professional elites and tourists on island meet every week to eat out of styrofoam while sitting in the curb. I've got to say, it does not bode well for me that my parents not only think this is an enjoyable activity, but they would take guests, who happen to be my grands, to such a thing. What's worse, they enjoyed it too, so this condition of needing to slum must be genetic. Oh Crap! Oh well, at least you can get a little taste of island culture, so to speak:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now, I'm hungry, too.
I think there is a tiny zip lock bag (what else?) of left over venison spaghetti in the freezer for me. Mark is working at special scholarhsip reception tonight, so he'll be coming home around 8:30 with tales of giant shrimp and so-so cocktail sauce.
Wish I were there. No that I don't love spaghetti.