Friday, February 8, 2008

Sorry Walter!

As it turns out, Walter Cronkite is not dead, and he is a big fan of Karsten's Blog. We were pleased to hear the news of him not being dead from the man himself. Here is a transcript of that conversation received at the Karsten2008 World Headquarters.
staff: Hello, this is the Karsten 2008 Headquarters and Baba Bar-B -Que, this is *******, how can I help you?
Mr Cronkite: Good Evening *******, I would like to speak to Karsten please.
staff: I'm sorry, you see, Karsten is a fetus
and can't speak on the phone.
Mr. Cronkite: Well, just put the phone up to the mother's uterus, I have a message for him.
staff: I'm sorry, but neither Her Majesty (that's what they call Mom in the office when she isn't there, heehee) nor Karsten is available at the moment, can I take a message.
Mr. Cronkite: Well then, I suppose, please pass along to Karsten that I am not dead, and if I ever see his little behind I am personally going to Bend It Like Beckham about twenty or thirty paces, and that's the way it is.
staff: Well, Mr........
Mr Cronkite: Cronkite, Walter Cronkite.
staff: Well, Mr. Cronkite is it? I'll be sure to pass that message along. Is there anything else?
Mr Cronkite: No, that's all. But you sound cute, . . .
The rest of the message is personal, and to be quite honest, a little graphic. But, rest assured, that type of behavior is promoted only sightly at Karsten's Blog.

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