Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wind ! Not air con in my hair!

It will not be too long and I will be amongst you all, so some things have been weighing heavy on my mind. Here is one of those things. As conceded as it sounds, I worry about my rep riding in my mom's car, a lame Toyota Camary. Now, if your one of the every, what, one in two people in the world who drive one of these loaves of white bread on wheels; I'm sure it's fine for you. But me, I'm a go for broke, hair on fire kind of guy. The idea of spending my first days in the latter day grocery getter gives me chills up and down my little spine. So, I was thinking, how about the motorcycle? My dad rides a dirt bike, maybe I'll ride that as well. But, as my libertarian brothers and sisters know, the Orwellian hand of government is up in all of our collective businesses and I have to spend my first years strapped into a government approved car jail. But, I think I might have found a loophole, a child bike seat! I think that my dad, with what limited mechanical skills he has, can jerry rig a bicycle seat. If not, Opa Lewis is coming and can do it for me, as I'm sure he sees the absolute brilliance of this plan. I've posted a picture of what I am talking about. Now, remember, this will be on a motorcycle much like the one shown, not the lame bicycle in the photo. By the way, if my dad starts to wear boat shoes and white socks like this joker in the bicycle picture, I'm fully expecting my Uncles Dwayne, Matt, and Aaron to come enforce to save me years of embarrassment. Now, I'm thinking that this plan to have a bicycle seat on the dirt bike is like killing two birds with one stone. One, I don't have to be subjected to the suburban express and I get to feel the wind in my hair. And, occasionally, we will take a sweet jump off a ramp, ala my new fetal idol, Evil Knievel. So, if you have any comments or suggestions on how we can make this happen, please leave a comment.

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