Friday, February 22, 2008

Where is the Father?

After Mom's hen session on Wednesday night, Dad is experiencing a little shell shocked, or whatever they are calling it now (post-traumatic stress?). I have seen only passing glances of the man. I can't say that I like this turn of events. I know he can't stand to see or hear me cry but gosh, what a wuss! I had a crew member at Karsten's Blog film this little shot to illustrate. Now, even though I can't remember this particular staffers name (we get a lot of interns to save on cost, who can keep track of them all?), I do admire his camera work. He made this feel like it was filmed on some old Super 8 camera and not the high tech, top of the line digitals we use. Heck, some of us in the bullpen even joked that it looked like he was using a Sony cybershot still camera. Can you imagine? So, he is my homage to 60's home movies and a ode to my Papa. Enjoy!

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